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This Summer (2024), Stella14 Wines is planting another 4 acres of vines at Golden Dog Farm right here in Jeffersonville, Vermont. Not only will this additional acreage translate to a substantial increase in our production, we are also looking forward to planting some new-to-us varieties that we have not grown before like Louise Swenson and Crimson Pearl! It will also allow us to increase our planting of Frontenac Blanc substantially which means more Nostos and maybe even some white bubblesssss!

The cost to plant and trellis new vines is high (one of the reasons we don’t have more grapes in Vermont), but we have tremendous faith in the future of winemaking in Vermont. Not to mention how excited we are to partner with Golden Dog Farm in planting this new acreage on their stunning property. 

What does it mean?

YOU will have the opportunity to name a block of newly planted vines (David’s Awesome Block, Cheese Block, etc.). We will discuss the grape varieties being planted in your block, and in order of registration give preference on what is planted and where. When the grapes have reached maturity such that they can be used for wine (most likely 2026 or 2027 for the first vintage), we will chat about what styles you enjoy and create a unique bottling just for you. 

As a Stella 14 Ambassador, you will have exclusive access to (at a minimum) one event post-harvest, and one event mid-summer. While delicious food, beverages, and camaraderie will be at the forefront of each event, we will also take the opportunity to taste through new releases and share our progress in the winery and vineyard with you. You will also receive first priority to purchase new releases as they become available! 

With only four acres going in this year, we expect the first group of Stella 14 Ambassadors will be relatively small. Therefore, we are offering two tiers of ambassadorship...

  • Vine Ambassador

    • -Naming a block of vines (~⅓ acre)
    • -Invitation to help plant this named block
    • -Invitations for 2 people to all Ambassador Events
  • One Less Traveled By Vine Ambassador

    • -Naming a full acre of vines
    • -4 cases of wine per year for 10 years once vines produce
    • -Invitations for 8 people to all Ambassador Events
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