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Stella14 Tasting Room


Thursday 4-7pm

Friday 4-7pm

Saturday 3-7pm

In July of 2022 we quietly opened an outdoor tasting room space with lawn games and tastings of our wines! By September we had furniture for the inside space, and had a mid-harvest Grand Opening with the Royal Towne Brass Quintet playing and Bill Hoag from Two Sons Bakehouse cranking out amazing food.

Please do bring your (well-behaved) doggos!


We've started a series of classes with David (click HERE for David's complete bio). Limited to 12 (the number that can sit comfortably in the tasting room!)

Viva Italia! 

Mar. 16th 


Mar. 25th 


We're open every weekend with not just our wines, but tastings of wines, beers, and ciders from many of our fellow Vermont producers including La garagista, Ellison Estate, Iapetus, Mountain Mac Cider and Four Quarters Brewing

Let us know how we're doing!

We love sharing our wines with you and as a young, growing business, we are always looking for ways to improve. If you have a moment, we would appreciate your feedback! 

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